Our Products


Glass is a Master Data Management System primarily positioned in the pharmaceutical industry. The current application of Glass, not limited to, is to manage data relating to an organizations sales force structures and sales force effectiveness needs which is used to generate various MIS reports and provides data for 3rd party applications and integrations.

Patient Support System

This system is designed to educate the patient and provide a platform for the Client to manage and evaluate patient compliance. A simple process to enrol the patient onto the system is done thereby allowing focus on various aspects of the patients care. Among these would be correct utilization of products, patient compliance, lifestyle and disease education.

Reimbursement Support

Medical Aid claims increase substantially yearly. Without the supporting documents, Doctors motivation, claims for certain medication are unfortunately declined and the patient ends up coughing out their own pockets.


Plextra is a web based project management application with seamless integration with Microsoft Project. Plextra will be very useful to publish the project tasks to the team and to capture the project status and time spent.

Our Products used by Gondwana Clients are